Good Read: Help for The Haunted

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I haven’t read a creepy read in quite some time (ok, like middle school,) so I was skeptical about diving into the world of ghosts, creaky floorboards and missing keys again, but Help for the Haunted, the third novel out from John Searles, perfectly toed the line between ghost story and thriller. The pace of the book is pretty steady, so while I wasn’t eagerly rushing to get through it the way I do with most thrillers, I could find good stopping places and easily picked the book back up after a day or so. You may think you know where the plot is going, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ending and the message that Help for the Haunted leaves.

The novel opens with a late night phone call that will alter the course of events in young Sylvie Mason’s life forever. The night ends in an act of violence, leaving Sylvie and her older sister orphaned and full of question. Who were their parents? What really happened that night? And how can they ever move forward and reclaim a normal life? Sylvie and her sister struggle to find meaning in their new world, but both deal with it in very different ways. Sylvie, inquisitive and hopeful, but still deeply distraught, looks to redefine “family,” while her sister rejects Sylvie and their family’s past. And does she know more about that night than she told the police? Sylvie sorts through what remains to uncover the answers and ultimately, her own memories of that night.

This supernatural thriller is an easy read and safe to pass on to your grandmother or pre-teen sister when you’re done (and that can’t be said about most books in this category!

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